Resources shared here are updated regularly in response to current issues that we face as people of faith in today's world.    
The first woman to be House Chaplain is a PCUSA minister. January 6th was her
third day on the job. Read about her witness here  
The Stated Clerk of the PCUSA Rev. Dr. J. Herbert Nelson is one of two dozen
faith leaders who has signed a National Council of Churches letter calling for the
removal of President Donald Trump following the events of January 6th.
Read about it here.  
"We Arrived Where We Are Now Not Overnight, But Over Time" is the theme of
worship at the Presbyterian Center in Louisville on January 13th. You can read
portions of the service or see a video here
A Presbyterian pastor in Kenosha discusses ​FOLLOWING JESUS: LEADING A PURPLE 
A PRAYER FOR THE NATION AND THE CHURCH, written on January 6th by
Neal Presa, past moderator of the General Assembly of the PCUSA
Arson is suspected in the burning of a PCUSA church that is home to a predominantly Black congregation. Find the article here. 
Read the follow-up, WE HAVE NOTHING BUT HOPE
A PRAYER OF THANKSGIVING FOR THE COVID-19 VACCINES rejoices in the good news in the fight against the pandemic.
Union Presbyterian Seminary in Richmond has established a $ 1 million endowment in support of reparations for enslaved African Americans. Read about it here.
RE PRESBYTERIANS STICKING THEIR NOSES IN POLITICS? In this article, Presbyterian leaders in Presbyterian Church (USA) ministries say involvement in 'political' issues in foundational to faith.

ConnectEd Adult Zoom Class

Beginning Sunday, September 20th, Rick will lead an adult ConnectEd class via zoom from noon until 12:45, inviting reflection on the weekly lectionary reading after hearing the sermon and participating in livestream worship. Join the zoom fellowship at 11:30 and stay for Bible study and discussion, or hop on at noon. Bring a cup of coffee or lunch, if you like!  Refer to the weekly announcement email for information about joining the zoom meeting or use the chat button to request a link to join. 


The theme of the PCUSA 2020-21 Women’s Bible Study, “Into the Light: Finding Hope through Prayers

of Lament,” could not be more appropriate! If ever we felt the need to lament as individuals as well as

a community, it is now. The study’s author, P. Lynn Miller, writes “When we lament, we move from

suffering to faith. In our faith, there is hope. We lament in order to hope.” And that brings us to Prospect’s

ministry theme for 2020-21, “Hope.” All women are welcome to join the study, led by Rita Boyer, via zoom

the second Monday of each month from 10:00-11:30 AM.


Read Rosalind Banbury's reflections on session 5 here. 


Check your own use of "cheer up" or "move on" responses to a friend's difficulty or suffering. Strive to be a companion rather than a counselor. Remember that a companion is someone who walks beside another. How can you be a companion (even during a pandemic) to someone who is lamenting life?


​For those who want an overview of Job, watch this video by The Bible Project













Listen to another version of "Precious Lord, Take My Hand."


Experiences are more meaningful if we prepare for those experiences beforehand and reflect upon them afterwards. Weekday Worship is a resource that is designed to help adults prepare for and reflect upon each week's worship service. To sign up to receive Weekday Worship emails each Monday, please submit a request on the contact page or use the chat tool on this page. You can find the current Weekday Worship on the homepage.  



Using variety of ways to learn, a faith formation playlist offers options for you to explore a particular theme, The path you take is up to you. Particularly during the pandemic, many of the options can be completed individually at home, but a few options involve zoom meetings that allow us to engage with one another. There is no particular order in which you need to proceed, nor do you need to complete all of the options. Different themes will be offered throughout the year. Click on the button to find the playlist.


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